Work Hard. Be Nice.

The Knowledge is Power Program, commonly known as KIPP, is a network of free open-enrollment college-preparatory schools in low income communities throughout the United States. Their motto – Work Hard. Be Nice. I think we can look at that as a positioning statement for our school. KIPP schools work from 8 to 8. Had asked Nidhi to take a FDP two years ago on the KIPP book – that I had mailed her. Here are her key points:

  •         A teacher should have enthusiasm and focus; dedication and belief; the class should be lively
  •         Longer school days help
  •         Homework should be sacrosanct; A 24 * 7 HW Phone helpline helps
  •         Chants, music and slogans enliven the classroom

Teaching Ideas from KIPP Schools

How do we make a school a religion?

How do we expand our schools without losing the personal touch or quality?

Are our expectations from students high enough?

How many of our students will go to college?

What are commitments made by PTP: teachers, students, parents?

Teach your passions

Using standardized tests to benchmark our students

Instilling Student Pride through the Classroom. Posters that Inspire.

Bulls Eye leverage – selling the resume addition of teaching to the Bulls Eye student.

Getting music and song into the class. Does music help in Math?

Fill in the blanks: All children _____ learn

Co teaching

Open Air Lessons

Guest sessions

Extra time for students – teachers can work in shifts

The deliberate mistake to check class attention

Word Clouds

Mental Math

Reward systems for students

Local Field Trips; Field trips as rewards

Check film: Stand and Deliver

Sneetches by Dr Suess, Polar Express

What do we do with habitual late comers?

Making students do Homework

Homework helpline

TV addiction

Student management: If you can’t play with the big dogs, stay on the Porch; The Stare; The conversations; You can’t walk by a fight.

Home visits

How can our students become activists in civic causes?