Rohini Tekale


I completed my D.Ed. from Kolhapur University. As the mother of a 3 year old, I understand the role that environment plays in education. I want my class children to learn in a comfortable environment, so that their confidence will increase. If the day ends, and the students still has not understand the lesson, then I go back and think, “How can I explain this concept differently to students tomorrow so that they can understand better?”

Parents don’t realise the fact that students are always learning. They force students go to school in the belief that learning only happens in the school. Many a time, for such students learning is not their top priority in school. For the sake of such students, teachers need to be prepared to teach “things” outside the syllabus.

Most of my own education has been in rural and municipal schools. Play always interested me more than studies. The advantage of staying in a village was that no friend was ever far away. So for us play started in school, but would always get continued at home.