Rohini Narkar


A real teacher is one who understands student needs. Students needs are not restricted to writing lessons and books, what they really need is understanding and thinking. In my 3 decades of teaching, I have learnt that if we build strong foundations for our children, they go on to do well. The Kindergarten years are the foundation years. An understanding of a child’s likes is important for a KG teacher. Tools like play and toys help KG teachers build a relationship with the child.

Unfortunately most teachers today end up leaving kids confused. So whatever they learn today, they forget tomorrow. Parents think that the solution to this is tuition – which ends up stealing time for play and interaction with parents. The solution is clear. We need: Teachers who can get close to our children. Teachers who love children. Teachers who treat your children as their own. Teachers who are able to make good citizens out of our children.

I still remember during my school days, teachers would go out of their way to help students like me. When I had a problem with a subject, a teacher would wait after school to help me out. They knew that my parents always found it difficult to help me with homework, because both of them were not well educated. Math and English were subjects I was very afraid of. Though my teachers tried their best, I must confess that the feat of these subjects still continues in me.