Finland Schooling System

Interesting highlights of the Finnish schooling system 

  1. A child goes to school there only at the age of 7.
  2. The school timings are also less and equal importance is give to music, arts and sports.
  3. The Finland schools have relaxation rooms to take rest if they feel tired.
  4. Only a maximum of 600 students are permitted in a school.
  5. A teacher job in Finland is like an IAS or IPS job.
  6. Don’t find fault in child. Don’t hesitate to appreciate when they do good.
  7. No one knows what a child can become. Keep encouraging.
  8. Here teachers are trained.
  9. The teachers have a major stake in the laws and policies.
  10. Talk about successful people to children.
  11. Talk to children daily about their goodness.
  12. Don’t compare child with another.
  13. Tell them about hard work. They will get to know laziness.
  14. Until the age of 13 there is no grading and no report cards for students.
  15. If the parents are inquisitive of child’s they can apply to know that…
  16. They are not given homework.
  17. A doctor stationed in each school to monitor their health advices.
  18. 50% time is for vacation.
  19. Delegates from many countries visit this school.
  20. Instead of telling the how not to be, tell them about how to be.