Army Life

We had an interesting visitor – Brig. H S N Sastry. He retired as Director of DIAT. He has also been a Professor at Pune University. He interacted with senior classes. Classes did not ask any questions. He came in at 1240 – so they were in a mood to leave. Got the teachers to stay back and chat up with him. He talked of his army experiences of having participated in the 1965, 71 and Kargil war. This time I managed to get all teachers to ask questions. Sameeksha asked him what was it that the army taught him. Discipline. He mentioned how the officers come in at 1150 if they are called at 1200. And how they will wait outside the door till 1200 before they enter. He mentioned that our teachers have to lead by example – and punctuality is one where we need to catch up on.

Rohini Narkar Maam asked about does the army endanger its new recruits by directly putting them into battle. No, he said. Without training, no one goes in.

Swati asked about times when he was afraid. Yes. In 1965 when he was being parachuted onto the China border – and there was constant machine gun fire from the ground.

Rohini Jr discussed what needs to be done about her son. Brig Sastry recommended a good school / hospital in Mysore which works with the hearing impaired. We need to find out more about this.

Saurabh was told about army recruitment. He confessed that he does not want to join the army – as it would entail shaving off his beard .