The King and his daughters


We ended with a very interesting demonstration of Philosophy for Children, where we did a roleplay of kids in a classroom. We started by removing our footwear. Pressing the feet to the ground. Closing our eyes. And concentrating on the sounds around us. This is the Calm Down exercise. The next exercise was a follow up of what had been discussed in the classs in the last week. For example the topic of discussion could have been ‘What is Truth?’ So what have been the implications of untruth at home.

This was followed by a story. A king had three daughters. One day, he called all three of them and asked them: how much do you love me? One of them knew that the king was very fond of gold. In order to impress him she said I love you as much as I love gold. The middle daughter knew that all the coins in his Kingdom were minted in silver. She mentioned to him that I love you as much as I love silver. The youngest surprised the king by telling him that she loves him as much as she loves salt. The king asked the youngest daughter why did she trivialiase her love. He was very angry with her. The youngest daughter left the room and went to the kitchen. She told the cook: ‘Please do not put any salt in the food that is made today.’ The king realised his foolishness during lunch time.

This was followed by a question and answer session. Who do you think loved her father the most? The rules for answering were simple.

  • If you have an answer you need to raise your hand.
  • If someone else is speaking you will not interrupt.
  • You will not put down anyone’s ideas.

We had an interesting range of answers. My own one was that the question itself was wrong!

We then moved on to the next question. ‘Do parents behave the same with all their children? This lead us to probe: what is love? We came up with 6 definitions of love. Makrand had a very good observation: all the definitions are only expressions of love!

Good resource for Moral Science stories: