Snakes and Ladders


Before the session, ensure that the Snakes and Ladders boards have been photocopied on to paper or card, and that there are enough pairs of dice. Have three or four players per game.

  1. Practice the exercise in focusing Remind pupils that there should not be any tension – rather, they should rest in the sharp focus of the present moment.
  1. Recall the story about the Fox in the Well, and see if the children have noticed anything about trust. Discuss any
  1. Tell the children that today they are going to play ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and give out the necessary equipment.
  1. Without giving any instructions (other than putting the pupils in groups), ask them to start their
  1. After 10 – 15 minutes playing, move to the ‘Questions for Thinking’.
  1. Discuss the ‘Thought for the Week’.
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Miss a turn

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1.  How did you feel when you were told we were going to play ‘Snakes and Ladders’ today?

2.  Did you know how to play. If you didn’t, what did you do? How did you feel?

3.  How did you choose who went first, second etc.? How did the first person feel? How did the last person feel? It is important to remember what feelings you had –  not make them up now.

4.  Did everyone play fairly? If yes, why?

5.  If someone didn’t play fairly, can that person say why? What was the result? Did the person change their behaviour? Why?

6.  If you were winning during the game, how did you feel? Why? Could you have been winning and have felt differently? What could have been the causes?

7. If you were losing, how did you feel? Why? Could you have been losing and have felt differently? What could have been the reason?

8.   If you were the final winner, what were your feelings? How did you feel towards the other players.

9.  If you were a loser, how did you feel? How did you feel towards the winner? Why?

10.   Did it really matter who won or lost? Why?

11.   Can thinking about the way we feel during the playing of games change the way we might play next time? Why? How?