Math Activities Grade 3 and 4





Word Problems

Understand Volume Using Sugar Cubes

Density Demonstration

Explore Memory Pathways

Play with Calculator Riddles

Make a Mind-Bending Illusion!

Multiplication War

Teach Decimals on a Budget

Guess What? A Writing Game

Make a Flip Book for Place Value

Temperature Game

Play Cards for Place Value

Play Two-Minute Multiples

In the Box

Compare Fractions

Dividing by Fractions … with Graham Crackers!

Dice Probability

Prime Numbers Game

A Mathematical Card Trick

Design a Fraction Collage

Positive and Negative Numbers Game

Math Facts Dice Game

Prefixes and Suffixes

How to Make a Whirligig

Hit the Target

The Gas Guzzler Challenge

Number Pattern Solver

Terminal Punctuation