Wire Sculpture


This Earth Day your child can twist and turn her way into creating a freestanding wire form! Along with using craft wire, she can embellish her creation with repurposed buttons or beads – anything she can find that can be threaded with wire. Not only will she construct something pretty cool, she’ll recycle materials into something new!


  1. Start by helping your child measure and cut a length of 20-gauge craft wire with a scissors. The ends of the wire are sharp, so encourage your child to work cautiously!
  2. Now she can cut a piece of cardboard into a 5-inch by 5-inch base. Along with honing her cutting skills, she’s putting her math skills to the test, too!
  3. Invite your child to go on a scavenger hunt around the house looking for random buttons and beads. She could also use hardware nuts and washers! Not only is she creating an interesting art piece but repurposing items that may have ended up in the trash!
  4. It’s time to get twisting! Encourage your child to bend and shape the wire into a recognizable form, such as a person or animal. She can thread the buttons and beads to add color and excitement to her final structure, trying to keep an end of the wire at the base of her creation.
  5. Now she can balance and secure the wire form on the cardboard base by pressing the end of the wire gently into the cardboard. Offer her a couple of pieces of clear tape to help if needed!

Help your child find the perfect spot to display her finished twisted wire form!