String Doll


Kids who love dolls can can now create their own floss doll out of a few toothpicks and plenty of colorful string. According to folklore, these Guatemalan worry dolls will bear all your burdens and help you get a good night’s sleep. Your child can even want to make one that looks like each of her friends! She’ll get to mix and match colors for a diverse group of fashionable dolls that are great for pretend play and long car rides.


  1. Have your child lay a toothpick on a sheet of wax paper for the doll’s body.
  2. Next, glue two toothpicks about 3/4 of the way down the doll’s body and at a slight angle for the legs.
  3. Break a fourth toothpick in half and glue those pieces to the body about halfway down for arms.
  4. While the glue is drying, have your child decide on colors. If she wants curly hair, have her wrap several toothpicks in floss and tape them. Then wet the floss and let it dry. When she takes the floss off the toothpicks, it will be curly and can be cut to the right length.
  5. Wrap colored floss around the arms of the doll for the shirt, and continue that color around the body and the arms to create the top of the dress on the doll. The arms will stick out of the bottom of the shirt.
  6. Once the shirt is complete, cut the floss off and glue it in the back.
  7. Choose another color and wrap that around the legs to create the skirt. Once the skirt is complete, cut the floss off and glue it in the back.
  8. Wrap a skin-colored floss around the top of the toothpick to create the head. It will take a lot of floss to create a round shape. Once the head is done, cut the floss off and glue it in the back.
  9. The tip of the toothpick will likely be sticking out of the top. You can cut some of it off, but don’t worry if some of the toothpick still shows. It can be covered with hair in the next step.
  10. Cut the hair to the right length and glue the individual strands to the doll’s head. You can even choose more than one color for a highlighted look!