Sneaky Sneaky


Entertain your child this summer with a game where sneakiness is of the utmost importance. Players must remain silent as they try to sneak by guards armed with squirt guns! So what’s the deal? The guards are blindfolded! The best part of this game is that there’s no age limit; it’s the perfect summer family game for a party, a trip to the park, or even a family reunion!


  1. Set up two chairs outside, facing each other and about 5 feet apart. Make sure that someone can walk between the two chairs easily.
  2. Pick two players to be the guards. Have each one sit in a chair and hand them squirt guns or wet sponges.
  3. Blindfold the guards.
  4. Tell the guards that if they think someone is trying to pass through, they should squirt the water gun or throw the sponge to nail the sneakers.
  5. The rest of the players are the sneakers!
  6. Tell the sneakers to try to quietly sneak through the space, one by one, between the two guards.
  7. If a sneaker is hit, he takes the place of one of the blindfolded guards.

This is a great family game. One of the best parts is that the guards end up squirting each other more often than any of the sneakers!