Recycled Paper Garland


Don’t throw out all those old artworks! Your child can transform them into a fun and exciting paper circle garland she can use for decorating her room – or for a special event! Not only will she be recycling paper, she’ll hone her fine-motor skills, too!


  1. Invite your child to gather all her old artworks from her room or the front of the fridge to re-purpose for this project. She’ll be able to give her old artwork a new life!
  2. Now your child can start cutting circles from her papers. Encourage her to cut her circles free hand, honing her cutting skills.
  3. Once she has a nice pile of circles, she can get out the hole punch and punch a hole at the top and bottom of each circle.
  4. Invite your child to cut a length of string and begin threading the circles onto the string, using both holes. She can keep threading until she’s used all her circles.

Now she can find the perfect place to hang the circle garland – like along the door to her room!