Create a CD Spaceship


The universe is a vast expanse filled with planets, stars, moons, and maybe even an alien or two! The possibility of another life form visiting Earth is something most every child has pondered, or at least seen on TV. Your child will delight in creating her very own flying saucer from an old CD and a few other household items. There’s no telling where her imagination will go when given the opportunity to conceive of extraterrestrials in space! Furthermore, this entertaining activity will promote greener attitudes in your child as she sees how toys can be created out of recycled goods.


  1. Ask you child to wrap tin foil around the outside of the CD. Help her glue down any parts that are loose.
  2. Cut the rubber ball or tennis ball in half. Once the ball is cut, have your child wrap the outside of the ball in tin foil. Again, help her glue down any portions of the foil that are loose.
  3. Remind your child that the spaceship probably has a central hub on the top of it. This can be created by gluing the cut ball half to the center of the top of the CD.
  4. Ask your child how she thinks the spaceship would probably land. Let her come to her own conclusion, but suggest the possibility that there could be a few landing legs for the ship to touch down upon. This can be created by gluing three or four toothpicks to the bottom of the craft.
  5. After the structure has been created, ask your child what else she envisions on an alien’s spaceship. She can add lights with yellow paint or markers, or perhaps the ship will have blue, red, or purple lights. Your child can even draw in a few alien pilots on the central hub, as they might be visible from a window! Let your child decide what additions will make her craft complete.

This is a great way to integrate science as well. Your child may pose thoughts as to what exists beyond our very own planet, which you can respond to with basic lessons about the solar system. Your child’s imagination will thrive as she plays with her new alien spaceship!