Confetti Balloons


Confetti balloons pack a triple-punch, with tiny messages, colorful confetti, and balloons. Confetti balloons are a fun-tastic way to celebrate the New Year at the stroke of midnight. Tuck confetti and tiny messages of goodwill inside balloons, then blow them up and hand them out to everyone, along with a toothpick for popping. Ring in the new year with the sound of popping balloons, squeals of delight, and laughter! Use confetti balloons to add some fun to your next celebration.


  1. Have your child think of New Year’s wishes for the important people in his life such as family members, friends and teachers.
  2. Help him write those wishes on small strips of colored paper and fold them so that they are small enough to fit into the balloon.
  3. Put a generous amount of confetti and one wish inside each balloon. An easy, inexpensive way to make confetti if you don’t have any on hand, is to use the small circles leftover from a hole punch trap.
  4. Blow up the balloons together and pass them around at your New Year’s party. Give each person a toothpick as well. Be sure to do this activity outside, as it makes quite a mess and requires a bit of sweeping afterwards.
  5. At midnight, have your guests pop their balloons and watch their surprise as the confetti and wishes come flying out!