Squirt Bottle


Just about every kid enjoys water play, especially during the long, hot summer months. The problem is, squirt guns can sometimes get expensive. Fortunately that issue isn’t much of an obstacle; it’s easy to help your child design his own super squirter! Once you’re done constructing, get to soaking! This DIY squirt bottle is the perfect homemade way to stage a friendly water battle.


  1. Have your child remove the cap from the plastic bottle.
  2. Then, help her rinse it out thoroughly.
  3. Take over duties and use the craft knife to pierce several holes in the cap.
  4. Next, have your child fill the bottle up with water.
  5. Let her twist the hole-filled cap back onto the bottle.
  6. Go outside (preferably with someone who’s ready to get wet).
  7. To use the squirt bottle, all your child needs to do is squeeze the center of the bottle.
  8. Ready? Aim soak!