English Activities Grade 1-2


Letter-Sound Hopscotch

Post-It Bingo

Syllable I Spy

Paper Plate Phonics

Sight Word Puzzle

Beanbag Letter Blend Toss

Sight Word Island Hopping

Consonant Blend Scavenger Hunt


What’s in a Name?

Pin the Tail on the Silent E Word

Double “ee” Eel to Practice Phonics

Bowling for Phonics



Flash Cards

The Build-a-Word Card Game

Dictionary Treasure Hunt

Verbs Relay Race

Compound Word Art

Materials Scavenger Hunt

Homonym Adventures

100 Words: Word Building

Learning Opposites


Scrabble Crossword

Dumb Charades

Nursery Rhyme Madlibs



Gold Hunt

Story Ball: A Reading Comprehension Game

Visual Bookmarks

Reading Tour

Reading with Newspaper “Highlights”

Reading with a Word Hunt

Story Sequencing Activity

Basic Reading Comprehension

Questions, Anyone? Reading Comprehension

Straight Face

Reading Chart

Reading Stories


Sandwich Making



Nonsense Book

Father’s Day “How To” Book

Paint and Learn

Story From an Ant’s Perspective

Punctuation Red Light, Green Light

Gotcha! A Punctuation Read-aloud Game

Headline Sentences

Cartoon Rearrangement

Picture Description

Cartoon Caption Filling

Scripts out of Moral stories

Punctuation Drops

Android Speech Detection

Morning Routine

Concrete Poem For Mom



Let your kids campaign

Career Book

Blanket Fort

Pen Pal Postcards

Classroom Pop-Up Book

Lace a Face

Swahili (Tamil) Counting Book

Paper Chain American Flag

Job Hats

Planning a Vacation

Body Language



Goal Setting


Problem Solving

Personal Histories

Creating Timetables

Righties turn Lefties

Becoming Teachers

Team Building

Tidying Up

Diwali Mela

Toy Day

Piggy Bank

Table Etiquettes


Field Trips

Visit to a Farm and River

Visit to a Fire Station / Police Station

Visit to Garbage Dump / Sewage Treatment Plant

Visit by Vegetable Vendor

Visit by Mechanic

Visit to Museum and Zoo

Visit to Construction site

Visit to Shopkeeper

Visit to kabaddi walla