Miming Game


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Guess what the guest means!

Students are divided into groups of four or five. One, a guest staying at a hotel, is given a card on which is written something they want or need. The guest is in a foreign country, so s/he must make him/herself understood to the others in the group – the collective hotel receptionist – entirely by the use of mime. For elementary students it is enough that they grasp the general idea of what the hotel guest is trying to get across. Some suggestions are given below for the sorts of things that might be written on cards:

Where is the nearest bus stop?

Could you call me at 7.15 tomorrow, please?

Is there a restaurant near here?

Could I possibly have an extra blanket tonight?

Can you change my room? This one is too noisy.

The tap in my room isn’t working.

Is there a doctor in the hotel?

Discuss: How do you think deaf-and-mute communicate?

(Teacher tip: Take them through some basics of sign language)

Quiz: What gesture would you use to indicate that you are upset

(Holding the hand to the forehead)