Making Putty



  1. Combine equal parts glue and liquid starch, mix well.
  2. Add Borax solution (plus food coloring and/or glitter if you’re using it) to the glue/starch mixture. Mix very well.
  3. When the mixture becomes too stiff to mix with your spoon, use your hands to knead it into a rubbery blob. Your putty will probably need to dry a little before you can play with it.
  4. Cooling the putty slightly should make it more “bouncy,” but if it gets too cold it will shatter. Store your funny putty in a resealable sandwich bag or other air-tight container.  Funny putty usually lasts about two weeks.

Discuss: Is Putty a solid or a liquid?

Quiz: Why did we add Borax? What will happen to this putty over time?