How to Make a Cat Toy


For cats that love to run and pounce (and what cat doesn’t?) this fabric chase toy is likely to be a huge hit! It’s so easy to make that even young children will be able to construct them, using a not-too-sharp needle. Your little one will improve her important hand-eye coordination skills as she cuts and sews! If you don’t already have leftover fabric scraps, consider rooting through your Goodwill bags or visiting the inexpensive scrap section of a local fabric store.


  1. Ask your child to thread her needle with a long piece of thread, around 2 feet, and tie a knot securely at one end. This activity is an appropriate time to introduce your amateur seamstress to the basics of sewing. If she’s unfamiliar with how to thread a needle or other beginning sewing techniques, use this opportunity to teach her how!
  2. Using the needle, have her carefully pierce each fabric square in the approximate center of the square. She should slide each square down the thread.
  3. Have her continue this process until the string of fabric squares reaches her desired length.
  4. Lastly, help your child tie a knot to secure the fabric scraps and keep them from moving around too much on the string.

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