Watch the “POP” of complementary colors while creating a fun and beautiful collage you can create from magazine clippings. Complementary colors sets are; violet/yellow, green/red and orange/ blue. Have your child choose his favorite set and then it’s time to rip, shred and tear colors out of old magazines while creating a fun gift for loved ones!  

Discuss complementary colors with your child. Allow them to choose his favorite complementary set that will be used for his card.

Have him fold his white paper in half and assign one color to each side of the paper. An example would be blue on one half of the page and orange on the other half.

He can tear out colors from magazines that match the color pair he’s chosen. Encourage him to tear the paper into various shapes and sizes.

Now, he can assemble them onto the white paper as a collage, creating one side at a time until all white areas of the paper are covered.

If he wants, your child can fold it in half to make a card, and write a special message to a loved one on the inside of the card!  

Helpful Hint: Artists often use complementary colors to make images “pop” because when placed next to each other, the color frequencies cause the eye to literally vibrate. This is where the term “Pop Art” comes from!  


Why do our eyes love this contrast?  



How are the complementary colors placed on a rainbow?