Craft Activities


Magazine Paper Cutting

Directions First: Reading to Draw


Make Patterned Shamrock Art

Traffic Signs

Funny Painting

Paper Crushing Art

Cotton Dabbing Painting

Yarn Art


Pop Art Collage

Create a Two-Sided Opposites Painting

Pulses Ganpati

Tea Leaves Painting

School Flag

Spooky Science Experiment

Create a Fish Art Print!

Art Like Michelangelo: Looking Up!

100 Days of School Project



Making a first aid box

Display Boards

Making a Paper Boat

Make Plastic Bottle Boats!

Making a Jigsaw Puzzle

Rope Tricks

How to Make a Cat Toy

Origami Butterfly

Kite Making

Drawstring Bag


Weave Paper Thanksgiving Placemats

Accordion Book

Newspaper Bags

Making cardboard boxes

Paper Bag Puppet People

Make Pop-Up Puppets

Papier Mache Mask

Hand Puppets

Stick Puppets

Paper Chain Caterpillar Craft

Dancing Chinese Dragon

Hungry Caterpillar Balloon

Make your own Pinata

Design a Diorama!

Make a Bedroom Planetarium!

Craft a Guatemalan Worry Doll

Make a Kid-Friendly Egg Carton Kinara

Patriotic Pinwheel

Make a Basket

Scrap Book

Making a Rakhi

Make a Lunchbox Magnet Board

Hand Fans!

Pencil Topper Craft



Matchstick models

Build Up for an Edible Structure

Make a Soap Carving

Making Putty

Homemade Playdough

Making Candles from old candles

Create a Clay Garden Relief Sculpture

Making a Kulhad

Building Sand Castles

Make Sand Candles!


Performing Arts

Miming Game



Matchbox Guitar

Film Appreciation


Film making