Learning by Doing

The Peepal Tree was where the Buddha received his enlightenment. We hope that like the Buddha you would find your stint at Peepal Tree help in your Self Discovery. We will do this through our Learning by Doing approach.

  • Curiosity: We believe that learning can only happen when you have interest. For interest to develop, you need a curious mind. Your teachers will give more emphasis on Practical project work. Theories will be discussed after activities related to the theory are done. Your questions in class will be welcomed. Your teacher will not give you the answers, but help you find it.
  • Group Work: Social skills are given more importance than academic skills. Most work done by you in Peepal Tree will happens in groups. Even projects which are assigned outside of school will be done in groups. Through groups, you will develop listening skills, learn to share and start seeing problems from multiple viewpoints.
  • Activity Examples:
    1. Art: Making hand puppets, Mask making, The Peepal Tree Orchestra, Karaoke.
    2. Language: Story telling, Doodling, Drama, Flash cards, Library, Watching movies and discussions based on that, Using e-readers.
    3. Social Skills: Becoming teachers, Solve issues in school by self help, Writing Personal Histories, Home Timetable creation
    4. Science: Insect observations, Growing food plants, Rainwater harvesting, Field Trips, Compost pits.
    5. Math: Using toys to discover math, Pattern making using seeds, blocks, Tangrams, Measuring speed, Making sand timers, Measuring breathing rates.



Some snapshots of our people Learning by Doing:


Peepal Tree, Jammu


Peepal Tree, Pune





Class 1 and 2


Class 3 and 4