Success Stories

Teachers share stories with you, of their friends who have made a difference to this world. We hope that this inspires our parents to help our children go off the beaten path, as they discover their own success stories.

Tasty Khana

Eat, Pray and Shit

Money Games

Designing an Elephant

Green Tokri


Teliya Raja

Township Czar

Rural Relations

Third Time Lucky

College or Entrepreneurship?

Software Tester

Data Center Don

From Data Coolie to Station Master

IT Education Meister

Productivity Booster

The IT Veteran

The Serial Entrepreneur

Infy ka Aadhar Aadmi

The Desi Google

The Office Builder

Goli Wada Pav

The IoT Man

The non-medico Medical Entrepreneur

Light of Knowledge

The Friction Hombre

Beijing ki Ganga

The Strawberry Shogun

Tomato Tycoon

Math in Tech