Listed some thoughts on the Society that we live in.


Chinese Whispers

Unhonking India

Social Media in Politics

An Ode to a Friend

Artha Guru

Artha Shastra: Talk by Radhakrishna Pillai


Midlife Vices: 25 years of life after COEP

Midlife Vices 2 : 25 years of life after IIMC

Philosophy from Bharat

Religious Tolerance: J S Bandookwala

102 Not Out

From Father to Son

From Father to Daughter

An Ode to a Teacher

Why Consumers Don’t Buy

Destinations and Weddings

Licence to Kill – Ahem – Drive

Daam ka Kaam

Shruti: Getting Heard

Plastics Recycling

On Dying

Limits to Growth

Regrowing Forests

Reforesting India

History Mystery

Air Irrigation

Mister Maverick

Script Hero

Corporate Monk

Engineering Guru

Reva’s House