Listed some thoughts on the Society that we live in.


Chinese Whispers

Unhonking India

Social Media in Politics

An Ode to a Friend

Artha Guru

Artha Shastra: Talk by Radhakrishna Pillai


Midlife Vices: 25 years of life after COEP

Midlife Vices 2 : 25 years of life after IIMC

Philosophy from Bharat

Religious Tolerance: J S Bandookwala

102 Not Out

From Father to Son

From Father to Daughter

An Ode to a Teacher

Why Consumers Don’t Buy

Destinations and Weddings

Licence to Kill – Ahem – Drive

Daam ka Kaam

Shruti: Getting Heard

Plastics Recycling

On Dying

Limits to Growth

Regrowing Forests

Reforesting India

History Mystery

Air Irrigation

Mister Maverick

Script Hero

Corporate Monk

Engineering Guru

Reva’s House

Big Sister’s watching you

Homeless by Choice

Shrikant’s Sahyadri

Solar Man