No child labor works here


Came across this lovely question:

Banta Singh decides to travel to reach the North Pole. He starts from the equator and always heads North West. How much distance would he have traveled when he reaches the North Pole?

Decided to use it as part of a class. Students were allowed to use Google. Student groups struggled for almost 30 minutes – and still could not come up with an answer. Am still waiting.

The foundation of a good class is good questions. Questions that puzzle, fool and give students their personal Eureka moments. We are indebted to team members like Ajay Jindal, Harinder Singh, Sanjay Joshi, and Ullas Pramanik for adding to our database of Eureka questions. By the way, we have started using these Eureka questions even in our marketing campaigns.

What we need is more Ajays, Harinders, Sanjays and Ullas’. Not just ten more but hundreds more. How will this happen?

Had lunch at a restaurant yesterday where they had displayed this notice. ‘We do not employ child labour in these premises.’ Wonder if we should also display this. Our mistake as teachers has been in not treating our students as responsible adults. Can we not use these responsible adults to assist our teachers in the Eureka questions mission? What is probably required is consistent effort to harness their brain power. How can we do this?

  • Have frequent question setting workshops
  • Identify talented students and ask them to contribute
  • Every class to have a question at the end which is contributed by a student.

More ideas are more than welcome. It is good to have good teachers; it is better to have better students!