Managing People: PlugHR

Prashant Bhaskar runs plugHR, an HR outsourcing company, after Market Research suggested that it won’t take off.

“Entrepreneurs want challenges, it couldn’t be more challenging than that”, he says. “After I spoke to senior HR professionals in industry who said HR was too close a subject to be outsourced, I decided to meet a few CEOs. This is where I got my springboard, all CEOs that I met liked the idea without exception, few were ready to even sign up at very early stage, I decided to go by my gut”, adds Prashant.

A few observations and questions:

  1. New team members join PlugHR only if they agree to a salary cut. What do you think would be his philosophy for this?
  2. Prashant started his career in Chandigarh with Hutchison Max selling pagers, after his MBA at SIBM he moved on to BPL Mobile and then was with, which got sold to He then started a venture trying to get internships for students, which he gave up after a few months. PlugHR was started subsequently. He claims that his entire career has been spent in start-ups. How would you define a startup?
  3. Ajay Nagre, the ex director of IMDR, also was attending the session. He had an interesting take on HR practices in companies. He looked at roles in the HR department, and defined the performance management role as Brahminical and the recruitment role as Shudra-like. Why did he define these roles this way?
  4. One of the participants asked Prashant, ‘I get disappointed in interviews nowadays, most of the resumes that I receive look so great, the candidates are not even a fraction of what they claim they are. What could be a solution to this?’