Saurabh Rathi



People often ask me why I became a teacher, after doing an MBA. The answer is simple – because the younger generation needs me. Not very long ago, I was a student too. At Darwha, a small town in Yavatmal. I had difficulties in learning too. I never completed my school work on time. I found it difficult to understand what was taught. I was scolded all the time. I seriously felt like giving up. Then I met a good teacher. He said: don’t give up, you can do it! He was the one who gave me strength and who helped me discover my talents.

Since I have started teaching, I understand the role a good teacher has to play. My student’s happiness is my victory. As a teacher I have learnt and grown. You learn new ideas, new skills. You learn a lot about yourself, not only as a teacher but as a person.

The best moments in my life were spent in my school and the worst moments where when I realized that I had grown up and could no longer go to school. Normally kids hate school..but I was bit abnormal, I hated holidays and could’t wait to go back to school.

I still remember my 1st day in school. It is a tradition that kids cry a lot on getting separated from parents, but our class was different. I don`t remember any of us crying. Instead of crying we were all busy with taking turn on the slide kept in our Lower KG classroom. My favorite time the little sand garden where we had the slides and see-saws.

I still remember the second standard days when our class teacher was absent. Two of our seniors had been called in to keep our class in control. They tried their best, and succeeded in getting our respect when they told us horror stories involving our next year’s class teacher. We had already heard a lot about her, but whatever our seniors told us, seriously scared us all the more. When we joined her class the next year, we felt the scare was absolutely justified.

We were the naughtiest batch in the entire school and we were proud of it!!!!. I still remember all that fun sneaking around the corridors, playing in the rain and watching our play ground turn into a swimming pool and stealing mangoes from the mango tree in our school garden.

We were in 10th std when our Principal decided to take history classes for us. For a week we patiently listened to her. But then we got bored acting so nice. Everyday the principal would revise whatever she had taught the day before and then start afresh. So even after a week, we were stuck in the 1857 revolution. One of us observed that when a classmate was coughing, Madam would stop until he stopped coughing. The next day all of us were seized with colds. COUGHING our hearts out! Our principal had to complain to our class teacher. The next day, our teacher got Halls tablets and distributed it to the whole class ..warning us all that we should not catch any more colds!